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Things We Saw Today: JK Rowling Slams Rupert Murdoch’s Islamophobia

Knew we loved her for a reason

Harry Potter author/eternal hero/twitter addict JK Rowling responded to a super Islamophobic tweet from Rupert Murdoch by continuing to be great.

  • Supernatural‘s been renewed for an eleventh season! It will probably continue long past when the world lies in ruin and all of us are dead and gone. Also renewed: Arrow, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, The 100, Reign, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries. Pretty much everything but Hart Of Dixie. (via TVLand)

I REALLY REALLY WANT to cruise around town in this Joan Didion leather jacket but it costs $1,200 :(. (via Jezebel) (Image via VEDA)

Joan Didion jacket

  • The Toast has a great piece on all of the things you can knit. It’s a lot of things. With an abundance of variety. (via The Toast)
  • This spells out the difference between an outbreak and an epidemic if you’ve been looking for a resource. (via io9)
  • Guillermo Del Torro is making a “dark, victorian fantasy” series for Amazon! I hope it’s less visually horrifying than The Strain, but that’s just my personal aversion to things coming out of orifices. (via io9)

This is a SUPER GREAT fanart that TMS commenter John made yesterday. AGENT PORPOISE CARTER. You can check out more stuff from John here, including Iron Dolphin and Dolphin Hawkeye. Technically I saw this yesterday, but ALL HAIL JOHN.

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