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Things We Saw Today: Little Girls Dressed up for Wonder Woman‘s Opening Weekend


(Image via Jason Ratliff. You can see more of his superhero shadow images here, and prints are available for purchase at Curioos.)

Twitter has been abuzz with adorable pictures of excited young girls headed to see Wonder Woman for opening weekend, and my heart is just not tough enough. Whether they’re going with their parents, their siblings, their friends, or anyone else who inspires them, these girls look so excited to see a woman superhero. Just look at the joy on their faces as they adopt the iconic crossed arm pose.

Of course it’s also heartwarming to see boys, non-binary and genderqueer kids, and older people enjoying the film, but one of the reasons that representation is so important is its effect on the young people who get to see themselves on screen. I’m so happy that young girls are getting to see a woman hero this way, and I hope that all this joy will inspire the Wonder Woman team to amplify that happiness with an even more intersectional, inclusive sequel. (via Hollywood Reporter and Twitter Moments)

(Okay, fine, this last girl isn’t dressed up aside from her awesome bow, but look at that grin!)

  • Drawn & Quarterly will no longer be publishing Sadbøi, by the Argentine cartoonist Berliac, after evidence of his transphobia was brought to light. In a statement, the publisher wrote, “We asked ourselves if we would have acquired this book knowing what we know now, and we would not have. An author deserves the full support of their publisher. We can no longer provide that full support. Therefore, we have decided that D+Q will not be publishing Sadbøi.” (via The Beat)
  • This SyfyFangrrls piece, “How much I want Robin Wright’s character in Wonder Woman to step on me,” is a disturbingly accurate summary of my own reaction. How did you get inside my head?
  • The Amazing World of Gumball‘s recent episode, “The Console,” is a truly epic tribute to Final Fantasy. If you’re a fan of the game, you should definitely check it out. (You can read more about the episode at Kotaku.)
  • Watch a simulation of 10,000 chickens fighting 20 T-Rexes, because we have the technology (via Nerdist):

(Featured image via Jason Ratliff)

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