Things We Saw Today: Calvin and His Dire Hobbes

Things We Saw Today
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Calvin’s fantasy world just took an epic turn. (at Hijinx Ensue by Joel Watson via The High Definite)

And since winter is coming, that means fall is also coming and summer is ending. And sadly for us, that means our summer intern Alanna Bennett will be leaving us after today. She’s been awesome, and will be hugely missed!

  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, Deadline has a closer look at what is involved in the coiffing process on the show and why the show’s head hair stylist Kevin Alexander has been nominated for an Emmy for his work.

Interesting news from The Amazing Spider-Man: Kelsey Chow is playing Sally Avril aka Bluebird in the movie, but will not be in costume. But what could this mean for future movies? Speculatron 3000 GO! But also, these two promotional shots of Spidey:

(at Uroki via The Daily Blam)

Today is the anniversary of women finally gaining the right to vote. And we’re willing to bet that the bicycle was directly related to the acceptance of women’s independence, and that bicycles also spurred the creation of bloomers! Susan B. Anthony said it best: Bicycles represent “the picture of free and untrammeled womanhood.” Mental Floss has the in-depth report about women’s suffrage, bicycles, and bloomers.

This is a huggable Hubble (telescope), made of felt, up for auction on eBay. (at Boing Boing)

Starks, past and present. (at Comics at the Movies)

And, finally, Leedood. (at /Film)

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