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Things We Saw Today: Buckyball Magnets In a Blender

If I were a scientist who knew how to do so safely and not die I would spend so much of my time just sticking stuff in microwaves and blenders and seeing what would happen. Today’s blender contender: Some high-powered neodynium magnets. Behold! (Oh, and if you’re looking for a more delicious safe-to-try-at-home substitute to Will It Blend, may I suggest Will It Waffle? (via io9)

Someone snapped a pic of Helen Mirren riding the subway this week and people are freaking out about it, probably in part because seeing famous people on the subway can sometimes feel like seeing a unicorn but definitely because she looked like this as she was riding said subway:


Dame indeed.

Feeling glum in London? Never fear, a design agency has set up a gallery filled with plastic balls and want anyone feeling down to come jump in them. It sounds infinitely better than this ball pit (and completely free), though I couldn’t find much info on the whole issue of sanitation. Regardless, I’d do this in a split second, my adult life is far too deprived of the joy of ball pits.

*resists strong urge to make dick jokes* (via Buzzfeed)

In case you needed a reminder that Minecraft is epic as heck, watch this video of so many people building so much Westeros. (via Kotaku)

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