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Things We Saw Today: Black Widow as Botticelli’s Venus

Things We Saw Today

A bit skinnier than I remember Venus, but I hear those skintight catsuits aren’t exactly roomy. (So Geek Chic)

The Mary Sue discovered these cute kitty shaped self defense devices (hint: imagine two of your fingers in the eye holes), realized they don’t ship to our state, and then a discussion ensued about shipping these to our parents. We want to pass that joy on to you. (Wicked Clothes)

It’s a TARDIS watch, and presumably in addition to telling you the time, it also tells you your relative dimension in space. (Fashionably Geek)

io9 has a round up of some seriously weird Mardi Gras floats from 1873, that are trying to poke fun at the then-even-more-controversial-than-it-is-now Theory of Evolution.

io9 also has an exclusive chapter from a genderswapped version of the John Carter of Mars novels, and it’s pretty sweet.

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