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Things We Saw Today: BET is Cancelling Being Mary Jane and I’m Weeping Into A Glass of Wine

Signing Off, I'm Mary Jane Paul

Being Mary Jane, the BET drama staring ageless vampire and beautiful human being, Gabrielle Union, will not be renewed for a fifth season. As a way to wrap up the series, BET has ordered a 2-hour movie which will hopefully try and satisfy those of us who have been waiting to see Mary Jane Paul get her damn life together for four seasons.

Deadline reported that Connie Orlando, EVP and Head of Programming, BET Networks made a statement about the impact of the show:

“Being Mary Jane has been a landmark series not only for BET, but for African American women around the world who saw themselves in Mary Jane, her family, friends and coworkers. From the captivating storytelling, to the richly complex characters, to the powerful issues tackled on the series, we remain immensely proud”

As one of those black women who just had to stop watching Scandal a while ago, the void of having a problematic, messy black heroine in my life was filled by Mary Jane (Issa from Insecure is there too). Mary Jane was a dark-skinned black woman in journalism who was trying to find both professional successes, but also black love and romantic fulfillment. The show was boldly unafraid to deal with issues of colorism, police brutality, classism, blackness and homosexuality. Not to mention showing that just because you are a successful black woman doesn’t mean you can’t engage in some ratchet thot behavior. Bless.

With Being Mary Jane and Scandal leaving the air we are going be in desperate need for some brown woman to pick up the power suits and wine bottles to be the black anti-heroine we deserve.

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What did you see in your feed tonight Aqualads?

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