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Things We Saw Today: An Incredible Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Made on a 1984 Apple Mac

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Blessed are those who are creative with their time, and especially those who use that creativity in astonishing, unexpected ways. Like rendering the Last Jedi trailer shot-by-shot on a computer I thought long extinct.

TechCrunch has the deets: “Created by Twitter user Wahyu Ichwandardi, this was created using a vintage Apple IIc computer from 1984, using Dazzle Draw, a bitmap paint program from the same year. The project was stored on 48 floppy disks, and ended up at 6MB, which for the time was a crushing amount of data.”

48 floppy disks. The mind, it boggles. I cannot wrap my head around how much work this must have taken. And Poe still looks dashing. (via TechCrunch)

  • Here’s the first poster for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Death Note. (via Syfy)
  • A new clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming. We’re getting close! (via IGN)
  • The Boston Public Library has a “car wash” for books and it will soothe the ragged pieces of your soul to watch it in action. (via Atlas Obscura)
  • This badass Logan street art:

  • Matt Furie has a new Kickstarter with a campaign called “Save Pepe” and plans for a new zine that will help redeem his hijacked cartoon frog, a favorite of memes and the alt-right. Furie notes that poor Pepe was created to be a “peaceful, chilled out frog.” Poor Pepe. Save him! (via CBR)
  • A woman led the changing of the Buckingham Palace Guard for the first time. Alas for my goals, it wasn’t me. (via Time)

So what’d you see today while guarding the Internet?

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