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Things We Saw Today: Alien Takes On Time

Things We Saw Today

Well — are you???? (found on Facebook; if you know who created this, email us at tips [at] themarysue [dot] com!) UPDATE: The artist responsible for the Alien pic was Seivewright, who created it as part of Kotaku‘s recent “Are You Shop Enough?” contest. See more spoofs here. Hat tip to Esperino‘s Jess “Ninja” Watson for filling us in!

In other news, these leggings exist. We thought you’d like to know, in case you walked into your local Target intending to buy cotton balls and walked out with three dresses that are much more attractive than these leggings. These leggings are why you should not feel bad about it. Every day you wear a nice dress is a day you’re not wearing these leggings. Also, buying a nice dress is a way to help the American economy, which is a better way of expressing your patriotism than wearing these leggings. (via The Frisky)

Blastr found an interesting easter egg in a screen shot from Prometheus that suggests that it exists in the same universe as Firefly. So we’ll just leave this here and let the fan fiction begin! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

From Firefly (W-shaped symbol at the top):

From Prometheus:

  • Dru Johnston at Funny or Die has a series of inter-office emails between the Avengers that concern Hawkeye. (Warning: Not for fans of Hawkeye, unless they possess a sense of humor).
  • This is a skull, constructed from typewriter parts by Jeremy Mayer. Take a few moments to see how awesome it is. (via Boing Boing)

  • Today in Obvious: Time has an article about how the most interesting characters in young adult novels have the filthiest mouths.
  • Etsy seller FiveLeafClover has a variety of geek-inspired hair bows, from Transformers, to Angry Birds, to zombies, and everything in between — for $6.00! Get on that! (via Fashionably Geek)

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