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There’s really nothing to say about this picture of Alfred cleaning Batman’s cowl with a toothbrush (while he’s wearing it) except that it made both Susana and myself squeal with delight. That’s gotta mean something, right?  (via LiterateKnits) What other wonders did we find on the internet today? 

  • Is Batman: Arkham World the follow-up to Batman: Arkham City or is the Joker just pulling our leg? Comic Book Resources discusses.
  • Speaking of Arkham City, the second series of action figures featuring Detective Mode Batman, Hush, The Mad Hatter, Riddler and Catwoman will be available in April. (via ComicsAlliance)
  • We told you a little while back about Jill Thompson designing outfits for WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan. “He asked me to design something cool, but to continue to use his colors of maroon and white. He said ‘Make me look like a superhero.'” she said. Read the interview with her up at Newsarama.

Donate to the Ada Initiative and get this wonderful Ada Lovelace pendant! “The Ada Initiative is the world’s only non-profit dedicated entirely to increasing women in open technology and culture (open source, Wikipedia, Creative Commons, fan culture, etc.). Founded by Linux kernel file systems hacker Valerie Aurora and computational linguistics grad student Mary Gardiner in early 2011, the Ada Initiative has already made big changes in open technology and culture with projects like the conference anti-harassment policy.” (via BoingBoing)

  • A really, really fantastic essay on Lookspring about female writers who self-censor themselves in order to not be on the receiving end of sexists/negative attacks online. The author realized she does so because she is legitimately scared to undermine her credibility but has decided to stop. What a read. And definitely check out the other post that got her to write it.
  • On the subject of sexism, comic writer Greg Rucka spoke with Comic Vine about writing strong female characters. “Competence is sexy. Capability is sexy. Confidence is sexy. Smart is sexy. A character who clearly embodies these traits in some capacity or another is a character who is going to be attractive,” he said. “Bending over to pick up a dropped pen with your ass high in the air isn’t sexy, that’s just a butt shot.” Greg Rucka? WRITE ALL THE WOMEN. (via Snarky Nerdette)
  • Sex Advice From Cartoonists with Emily Flake. Simply hilarious. (via Nerve)

Sculptor Erno Toth has created a bronze statue of the late Steve Jobs for Hungarian software company Graphisoft. The company says they are forever thankful for Jobs’ support of their company while the country was under communist rule. They’ll be unveiling it December 21. (via Yahoo)

  • Would you like to see a cinematic opening to Diablo III? Of course you would. Click here. It’s purty.
  • Thanks for Flavorwire we found out the fashion blog Nerd Boyfriend has official spun-off into Nerd Girlfriend. Safe to say we’ll be keeping our eyes on that one.

And finally, presented without comment…

(via Andy Khouri)

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