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Things We Saw Today: Vote for the Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage LEGO Set!

LEGO Ideas has launched a new campaign to have folks vote on a brand new LEGO set, and the Ada Lovelace & Charles Babbage set is totally something you can vote on. Go check out the campaign, and help this set get made! (via Geek Dad)

  • One of TMS’ own contributors, Ashley Barry, shared how she got into games writing over on Gadgette. It’s a great personal essay that you should check out if you’re remotely interested in games writing at all.
  • Crayola has just launched a series of coloring books for adults, which actually isn’t that weird. Personally speaking, coloring is an incredibly relaxing activity, one that’s almost meditative. Give it a shot! (via TIME [warning: video autoplays])

Aethera is a space sci-fi campaign setting for everyone’s favorite crunchy role-playing system, Pathfinder. It says it’ll bring space opera to your Pathfinder games, and really, what more do you need to hear?

  • The movie based on fan favorite The Little Prince has finally received a release date: March 18, 2016. That’s not too far away, now is it? (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Phil Lord and Chris Miller are up to some new antics, and this time they’re working on a pretty zany television series. Titled Son of Zorn, it revolves around a warrior named Zorn trying to reconnect with his estranged son, which doesn’t sound too out there, except for the fact that Zorn is a cartoon character. Yeah. Try explaining that one in health class. (via io9)

But that’s enough about us. Hello, how are you? It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry. I hope that you’re well, and did you also see some things that happened?

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