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Things We Saw Today: Walking Dead Beer Will Steal Your Brainsss Cells!

And Simon Pegg hates the Star Wars prequels too.


Want to kill some brainsss cells? Well you definitely can with this Walking Dead beer! Apparently this particular brew has a “horrific amount of hops” as well as a taste of blood orange peel. Ya know, to keep to theme and stuff. (via Popular Mechanics, image via Terrapin)

  • In other brain-warping news, it looks like Jemaine Clement is going to play a “Mind-Reading Fart” on Rick and Morty. (via Nerdist)
  • Also on the TV beat, have you heard that Maisie Williams is playing a “brand-new character” (a.k.a. probs not one from his past) on Doctor Who? Oh, and she’s got a “significant role” too! (via AV Club)

We all rank the Star Wars movies with our friends on the regular, but how often do we get Simon Pegg’s thoughts on this eternal (imperial?) debate? Not often, so we’re going to relish the above video in which Pegg gives his opinions on all six movies in under a minute. (via MTV News)

  • Continuing on the movie theme, did you know someone did a supercut of “Uptown Funk” using movie lines? Yes, the “Hot damn!” comes from Tropic Thunder. (via the Daily Dot)
  • Also, have you thought about how that short film Lava, mentioned in yesterday’s Things We Saw, succumbs to standard gender coding especially when it comes to the female body? That’s the argument being made over at Birth.Movies.Death. and it’s pretty convincing.

Oh, and in case you have a holiday Monday like I do, here’s a video of a guy making a lightsaber out of butane gas. But if you do try this in your time off, please stay safe! You don’t want flames on the side of your face like Mrs. White (if you get this reference, we can be friends). (via Laughing Squid)

P.S. – Thanks for a great first solo weekend as Weekend Editor, everyone! See you next week!

P.P.S. – Deadpool trailers coming next week! Who’s eating chimichangas to celebrate?


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