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Things We Saw Today: Mirror Art Takes Selfies to a New Level by Way of Doodled Warp Zone

It's-a Mirrorsme!

Ah, the bathroom mirror selfie. We meet again. This time, though, Mirrorsme has taken the much reviled method of self portrait and actually made it pretty awesome by drawing herself into scenes from games, movies, and other fun locations. Avoid all the “Mirror Selfie as Art” think pieces and just look at her awesome doodles. (via Laughing Squid)


Why so serious? Don’t you know we’re getting a LEGO minifig of Heath Ledger’s Joker? And oh, the Tumbler? You wouldn’t be interested in that… (via Collider)


To keep things canon with these romantic Star Wars mugs, you have to use twice in a row. Switch mugs with each other for the second use, and whoever has the “I know” mug on that go-round must drink sarcastically. (via BoingBoing)

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