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Things We Saw Today: Have an Out of this World Night’s Sleep Under this Astronaut Duvet Cover

Things We Saw Today

Tony Stark expresses my feelings on this astronaut duvet cover by Dutch company Snurk (“For Horizontal Living”) rather nicely. (Boing Boing)

  • Via The Frisky, 16-year-old British girl Lauren Marbe scored a 161 on a MENSA test, making her a genius, and people are clutching their pearls about it “because she’s a blonde girl from Essex (which is apparently the Seaside Heights of Britain) who loves fake tanning, getting manis, and reality TV.”
  • Remember how the SETI Institute needs our help to name two of Pluto’s moons? William Shatner took to Twitter to stump for Vulcan and Romulus. The name Romulus is already taken, but SETI added Vulcan to the list of names you can vote for on Other names have been added, too, among them Hecate, Sisyphus, Tartarus, and Thanatos. (

NextMovie‘s infographic comparing young adult heroines really hammers home the lack of diversity, doesn’t it? Click here to embiggen. (Buzzfeed)

Comedian Jake Fogelnest tried his best to stop a Russian meteor parody Twitter account. He probably should’ve reserved @RussianMeteor, too. 362 followers and counting. (Gizmodo)

  • Netflix and Dreamworks have teamed up for an animated kid’s show based on Dreamwork’s upcoming Turbo (Ryan Reynolds), about a snail who gains the ability to go super-fast after a freak accident, which is good because he’s always wanted to win the Indy 500. The show will be called Turbo: F.A.S.T. in case any of you want to watch it. You never know. (Reuters)

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