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Things We Saw Today: YouTube Series Shows How Cabaret Used Music to Warn Against Fascism


This awesome installment of Musical Hell‘s “Know the Score” series shows us how chillingly relevant the musical Cabaret still is, considering our current political climate. If you’ve ever wondered why art is so important, wonder no more. (via YouTube)

  • Apparently, there’s even more to the Warner Bros. Batman drama than we thought. According to Jezebel, sources say that Ben Affleck is actively looking to get out of being Batman anymore.
  • 41 House Democrats criticize the FCC for limiting low-income broadband subsidies. Thank you, House Dems, for standing up for equal internet access for everyone! (via The Verge)

Chris Evans seems to be making a career out of being Captain America in real life by continuing to fight real-life white supremacists like David Duke. We’re with you, Cap. (via The Huffington Post)

Well, that’s it from us, friends! What have you seen out there today?

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