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Things We Saw Today: Zack Snyder May Adapt The Fountainhead

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Zack Snyder and his wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder revealed in an interview earlier today that the Dawn of Justice director is considering adapting Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. (Rand’s book was already the inspiration for a 1949 film, pictured above.) Zack Snyder explained,

I have been working on The Fountainhead. I’ve always felt like The Fountainhead was such a thesis on the creative process and what it is to create something. Warner Bros. owns [Ayn Rand’s] script and I’ve just been working on that a little bit.

No, no. A thousand times no. No one but Mally Ortberg should direct a Fountainhead movie, especially not Zack Snyder. (via Vulture)

Due to popular demand, DC Entertainment will now be offering The Adventures of Supergirl as a limited-run six-issue periodical, prior to the collected edition release this fall.The Adventures of Supergirl will now ship twice monthly for three months, beginning with The Adventures of Supergirl #1 (collecting Digital First chapters 1-3) on May 11th, 2016.

TMS contributor James McConaughy has written a great piece on Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa. You can read it over on Moar Powah, but beware of spoilers if you haven’t watched yet.

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