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Things We Saw Today: Art History References in Daredevil‘s Season 2 Posters


Art history connoisseurs have probably already noticed the similarities between Daredevil‘s season two posters and the paintings of Caravaggio, Michelangelo, and others. The Daily Dot just pointed out all of the allusions that they’ve found so far — could there be more?

  • Elijah Wood got a question from CBR about the poor reviews for one of his old films, and he provided a well-considered response about the important difference between constructive criticism and personal attacks. He also pointed out that his female peers in Hollywood often have to endure inappropriate scrutiny of their physical appearances under the guise of “film criticism” — which is unfair. Oh, and he took a stand against Gamergate. The whole thing’s worth a read.
  • Have gender stereotypes changed in the past 30 years? Not much — at least not according to this study by researchers Elizabeth L. Haines, Kay Deaux and Nicole Lofaro. Sigh.

  • This lesbian love song (embedded above), which also somehow alludes to the tragic tale of Soviet space dog Laika, reminds us all why Eurovision is amazing. (via io9)
  • Who is posting comments? And who’s reading them? According to research from Engaging News Project: “News commenters are more male, have lower levels of education, and have lower incomes compared to those who read news comments.” Although 77.9% of Americans have read comment sections before, they don’t do it very often: “of those who read comments, 59.0% said that they do so a few times a month or less.”
  • Princess Diaries 3 is happening, at least according to director Garry Marshall. They might even get Chris Pine back! (via People)

What’d you see out there today?

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