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Things We Saw Today: Ms. Marvel vs. Gentrification


Ms. Marvel has tackled a lot of tricky topics, such as: internalized racism, gendered socialization vis-a-vis teen romance, navigating the world of super-heroism as a teen girl who works with older, wiser heroes (who still need help — even from a teen girl!) … the list goes on. And now, the comic will be doing an issue about gentrification in Jersey City, as well as the corporate co-opting of Ms. Marvel’s image. These will be difficult obstacles for Kamala Khan, but I trust in her! And, y’know, the writers and artists who’ve made her journey such a treasure to read, issue after issue. (via io9)

  • The Mary Sue’s own film critic Lesley Coffin went on HuffPost Live today to share her thoughts on the cinematic conclusion of Katniss Everdeen’s adventures!
  • “Without the benefit of Google, ask anybody to name more than five female filmmakers that have made more than three films. It’s shockingly hard.” That’s Leslye Headland, in this massive New York Times feature about women filmmakers — after reading, you’ll be able to name quite a few.


  • Mary J. Blige will be gracing NBC’s The Wiz Live! cast with her talents as Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West. Pictured above: the incredible costume she’ll wear while doing so. (via Twitter)
  • Do you notice furniture in video games? That may not seem like a priority, but set-pieces can add a lot to a space, virtual or not. This lengthy history of furniture in games details this oft-unappreciated design work.
  • This little girl wanted a birthday cake with Princess Chewbacca on it, and she got her wish. (via Comic Book Resources)


What’d you all see out there as you navigated the netscape?

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