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Their Hearts Will Go On: Protestors Are Stationed Outside of ‘Rolling Stone’ in Defense of Their Favorite Singer

Sometimes, you just love someone. A whole helluva lot. And that is, essentially, what is happening with protests breaking out around New York City—well, to be more specific, a single location. Today, protestors took to a magazine to protest a cause very near and dear to their hearts. The cause? The exclusion of Celine Dion from Rolling Stone‘s 200 Best Singers of All Time list.

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This list is, frankly, horrible. Sorry to say it, but having Bob Dylan (literally one of my all-time favorite songwriters) on this seems like a joke! Bob Dylan is not a good singer. But he makes up for it with his songwriting. That’s sort of the entire deal with Bob. So having him on this but not the woman who broke hearts as Leonardo DiCaprio descended into the cold ocean water as Rose survived in Titanic? That’s outrageous.

In most cases like this, the internet gets angry and then carries on with their days because there were a lot of great singers left off and Rolling Stone’s excuse is because these were singers, not “performers”? It made no sense, but whatever, it is just a list, right? Well, for these fans, they were furious enough that they took to the offices of Rolling Stone to let them know how they felt.

Across from the protest were anti-Trump protestors, so it was a busy day on 6th Ave in New York City …

Well, it’s all coming back to me now …

This is one of those rare cases where I have to say that being a fan of someone doesn’t mean you have to go this far in your love. When that ranking of movies in the Marvel canon came out, I didn’t march to the offices of The Hollywood Reporter with notes (even though they dropped that monstrosity on my birthday). Because it is one of those moments that you just kind of have to get over.

Those in the sea of fans outside because of Dion’s exclusion do seem to be having fun standing outside, but it is one of those things where you have to recognize that someone wrote that list from their own personal opinion, and then that list is now getting so much heat that they’re getting protestors outside of their workplace?

The list, as a whole, is a mess. That we can agree on. But boy oh boy is it a strange day when we have to write up stories about how protestors are on the streets of Manhattan because they’re so angry that Celine Dion didn’t make an arbitrary list. On the other hand, it is weird she’s not on the list, and I do hope that whoever forgot her has “That’s the Way It Is” stuck in their head.

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