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The Verge Calls This Smartphone Lens “The Best Way to Put a Microscope in Your Pocket”

Meet the world’s smallest and thinnest smartphone lens. And not to brag, but we’ve got it for just $24.99. Grab the Blips Smartphone Lens Kit for 26% off at the Mary Sue Shop.

If you’re the kind of person who’s into the details, get ready to be blown away. The Blips Macro lens kit comes with the macro lens, with has a 10x magnification and a focal distance of 10mm, and the macro plus lens, with a focal distance of 20mm. Translation? You’ll be able to photograph insects, flowers, and details of everyday objects in a whole new way.

Want more? Get the Blips Ultra Lab Kit for $52.99, which includes both the macro and macros plus, as well as the ultra lens, which turns your smartphone into a microscope, allowing you to see blood cells, tissues, and botanical and zoological microscope slides. Whoa.

Get up close and personal. Grab the Blips Smartphone Lens Kit for 26% off and the Blips Ultra Lab Kit for 24% off at the Mary Sue Shop.

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