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The USDA Officially Listed Wakanda as a Trade Partner in Hilarious, Amazing Error

Not forever, though.

Black Panther and T'Challa in Infinity War

Apparently, the United States was a trade partner with … a fictional country? Weirder things have happened this year, I guess.

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The partnership was discovered by software engineer Francis Tseng, who found the anomaly on the USDA website.

That wasn’t all; you could even see the goods we were apparently trading with Wakanda! The list included a lot of livestock, but … not Vibranium? I mean, the U.S. in no circumstances should be using Vibranium for anything besides repairing Cap’s Shield, so that’s fine, but it’s still a glaring omission.

Following the Twitter frenzy over this discovery, the USDA has removed Wakanda from the website’s list of trade partners, so, as Tseng noted, we’re now apparently in a trade war with the home country of Black Panther, too, which honestly seems on-brand for us at this point.

Obviously, this was a programming error for the USDA, which has clarified that the mistake was part of a test. That’s actually kind of fun, and of course, the tweets celebratory tweets were the real winners.

Alas, it seems our trade days with Wakanda are truly over. It might be that they’re mad at us for revealing their existence to the world, or that they just … took at look at America. No word on how things are with Sokovia, but I’m pretty sure we’re cool with Latveria? If I recall right, Doctor Doom is now the Surgeon General, so we’ve got to be solid there.

Now, if only we could get Stark industries back onto a defense contract …

(via: HuffPost, image: Disney/Marvel)

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