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The Textbooks of Tomorrow [Infographic]

What with the Internets being all over the place and everyone getting all their knowledges from web-o-matic sites, it’s only reasonable to think that old fashion 85-pound history textbooks are on their way out. There are plenty of reasons to get jazzed about digital textbooks; they’re lighter, generally cost less, are lighter, can be ctrl+f searchable, and most importantly, let you do other things in class while pretending to look at your textbook. Also, they’re lighter.

Well the folks over at Online Education are pumped about digital textbooks as well (with a name like Online Education, you can’t really be surprised) and they made up this fancy infographic to learn ya up good. They even have a statistic about how many college students would give up sex for a month in exchange for all digital textbooks. Really. Hate to break it to you, but I’ve been using the best digital textbook for years and I didn’t give up anything except my ability to cite it as a source.

(via Make Use Of)

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