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The Team Behind Pixels May Have Just Robbed the Internet of Actual Art

Just to make people like Pixels more.


Sorry to leave you on a downer, but it looks like Pixels, you know that TERRIBLE Adam Sandler movie, is responsible for a load of unrelated videos getting taken down from the Interwebs.

As reported by Kotaku, anti-piracy firm Entura International, a working partner of Columbia Pictures, just filed a DMCA complaint asking for a number of videos using the word “Pixels” to be taken down from Vimeo. The majority of these videos have no relation to the actual film. In fact, a lot of them are completely unrelated personal projects and those don’t deserve to go down with Pixels.

Luckily, it sounds like Vimeo is on it and trying to see what actually needs to be taken down and what deserves to go back up. They told Kotaku that they are “evaluating the claims made and will have an update in the coming days.”

In good news, one of the videos currently down is a Pixels trailer. Hopefully they’ll keep it that way.

(image via Columbia Pictures)

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