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The ‘Sex Education’ House Is for Sale and It’s Incredible

Remember that beautiful house in the middle of the woods where Otis (Asa Butterfield) and his mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) live in Netflix’s Sex Education? The one that looks like a perfect place to hide away from the world and forget all your problems? Well, it can be yours for the small price of £1,500,000 (roughly $1.8 million in USD). If you have money, this is the perfect time to be a saint and buy this house. Why? So you can turn it into an AirBnB where myself and other Sex Education nerds can stay! While the inside of the house looks quite different from the show’s layout, it is still an absolutely breathtaking home. And why not live in the middle of the woods if you can?

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Nestled in the middle of Herefordshire and sitting on 1.83 hectares, the house is huge and every room looks better than the next. It looks so lovely that I actually took a moment to figure out if I could sell my soul for roughly that amount (your move, Satan!). I mean, if I could have breakfast one time on that back porch area, I’d make it happen.

I would like to live here, please, and thank you. The house is gorgeous on its own, but its association with the terrific Netflix series makes it that much better.

Do any fans want to go in on it together?

What we really should do is have one fan buy the house and make the inside look a little more like Otis and Jean’s place. At this point, I myself cannot afford it on my own, but I am down to couch surf! Is that selfish? Probably, but I don’t care enough to be mad about it. I just want someone to invite me to come and spend the weekend there. I’ll fly myself out, and I can make a mean cup of tea so think about it, potential buyers! Just imagine, if you will, taking a bath in that tub and listening to a record or some other kind of bougie activity. What a dream!

This is the greatest real estate sale of our time so whoever buys this house, please share with the class. We need to keep our love for Sex Education alive because, now that the series has wrapped, all we have left are our dreams of being the perfect house guest.

(featured image: Samuel Taylor/Netflix)

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