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Elizabeth Olsen Says Scarlet Witch Would SO Beat Loki in a Battle

Bow down, witches.


This one’s for Scarlet Witch fans. Okay, and Loki ones too.

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter about their new film, I Saw the Light, recently, Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston were asked the whole “Who would win in Scarlet Witch vs. Loki?” question because …. who wouldn’t ask that question when put in front of these two? Anyway, their responses are pretty great, especially Olsen’s.

I think Scarlet Witch would win — she’s one of the most powerful people in the universe.

(Who else loves that she says “people” and not “women” here?!)

Anyway, while I Saw the Light’s director Marc Abraham agreed with Olsen on this one, Mr. Hiddleston had to stir the pot in is Loki IRL way. See his reaction in the video below.

Oh, and please share your own take on the Scarlet Witch vs. Loki debate. Because I know you want to.

(image via Marvel Studios/prettyprettyday.tumblr)

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