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Motorsports Team Builds the Worst Car in Cartoon History: The Homer

This monstrosity costs...well, you can't actually buy it. This reporter would totally pay $82,000 for it, though.

File under BUY ME THIS NOW: The team at Porcubimmer Motors has lovingly crafted a mostly accurate recreation of The Homer — a car designed by Homer Simpson that single-handedly brought the empire of his half-brother, the Danny Devito-voiced Herb, crashing down around him. The bright green monstrosity boasted an $82,000 price tag, which, if you ask us, is actually rather low for a car billed as being “powerful like a gorilla, but soft and yielding like a Nerf ball.”

Now, just the body — complete with a plastic bubble to encase noisy kids on long car rides — and paint job are pretty impressive, but the devil is in the details, and that’s where Porcubimmer’s work really shines. Let’s see how this IRL Homer holds up to the real thing.

Giant cup holders? Check. Major fin action? Check. Bowling trophy hood ornament? Yup. Roof mounted giant chrome horn? Oh, my yes. Speaking of horns, before you ask, of course this one plays “La Cucaracha,” because seriously, whats even the point otherwise? Not sure if there are three horns in the interior — a feature of the original Homer, because “you can never find a horn when you’re angry” — but we’re willing to look the other way, because seriously, look how incredible this thing is.

This is great and all, but we can’t help but wonder what comes next. We’re really hoping Team Porcubimmer follows this amazing piece of work with a foot-powered Flintstones car on giant granite rollers. We would also accept Professor Frink’s flying motorcycle, though. We’re flexible.  While we wait for their next masterpiece, though, you can get a good look at The Homer in action here.

(via Techland, image via The Homer Car)

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