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The Re-Release of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ in Theaters Brings Us More of Midtown High

Betty Brant and Jason Ionello at Midtown High

Did you miss Betty Brant (played by Angourie Rice) in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Did you wish we spent more time with our favorite teens from Midtown High before getting into the mix of Peter Parker’s mess? Well that’s exactly what the re-release of the third installment to the Tom Holland Spider-Man franchise gave us! Packed with extra footage and new scenes not included in the original cut, the re-release offered fans a chance to return to movie theaters and see Holland’s Peter swing into action once again.

The extra scenes give us a bit of a look into how the world around Peter reacts to the news in a more fleshed out way than the original film (meaning that we get to spend a bit more time with his fellow classmates unpacking their reactions to it). It’s a fun segment because there are girl’s in Peter’s class screaming about how hot he is all of the sudden, there are varying degrees over how his fellow classmates take in the news, and we still have the teachers who are way too invested in Peter Parker as a student expressing their love (or distrust) for him.

We get to see Peter Parker climb walls in gym class simply because his classmates just chant “CLIMB” with their gym teacher at Peter until he does it. And, most importantly, we get to see how the school’s journalism team (which includes Ned’s ex-girlfriend Betty Brant) reacts to their very own Spider-Man.

I’d watch Betty interviewing people for hours

One of the best parts of the added footage is the seemingly very long interview segment that Betty does at school. We get to see her talk with her classmates, teachers, question her ex-boyfriend Ned about what he texts her, and she got an exclusive interview (which was cut off because it is a poor quality cut for the school video department) with Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker.

It truly felt like the bit went on for ten minutes and yet it was one of the funniest things that I’ve ever seen. It was just weird news segment after the next and into these interviews and it was a hilarious look at the chaos that is Midtown High and what happened in the aftermath of Peter Parker being unmasked.

In fact, the replacement end credit scene (which used to be a trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) was now a news segment from the school about safety in the cafeteria and we got to see as Angourie Rice signed off as Betty Brant for Midtown High one last time.

You can check your local listings for the re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home and honestly? It was worth it. If not for the extra footage of Peter Parker with the other Peter Parkers, for this then. It was so funny seeing Midtown High back to its antics and it made me wish that some of this was in the actual cut because this might be the last time we see these characters and it wouldn’t be a Holland Spider-Man movie without the delightful characters that liter the halls of Midtown High.

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