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The Most (And Least) Likeable Aries Anime Characters

Earth signs are dope. Air signs are dope. I hate to say it, but the jury is out on fire signs. Some people love them, some people think they’re annoying. Why do people love them? Because they’re headstrong, high energy, and opinionated. Why do people dislike them? Because they’re headstrong, high energy, and opinionated. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fire sign. Especially an Aries. At best, they’re the life of the party. At worst, they won’t go home even when the party is over. So in the interest of being even handed, I’m writing an article based on some of the most popular anime Aries characters to settle the question on whether or not they’re likable or unlikable once and for all.

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Tamaki Suoh

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Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club seems like a bit of a herb at first. He is the beautiful but dimwitted leader of the Host Club, and the very last one to catch on that their newest member Haruhi is, in fact, not a boy. While he is extremely outgoing and gregarious, he often acts in a way that is vapid and vain. He is jealously possessive of Harihu, and often tries to dictate what Haruhi is and isn’t allowed to do. It doesn’t come from a place of malice, but rather ignorance of his budding romantic feelings towards Haruhi. Like the rest of the Host Club, he is also extremely privileged, and often ends up accidentally talking down to people who don’t come from money. That being said …

Tamaki Suoh is a hero.

He had the generosity of heart and strength of character to unite five disaffected, aimless boys in an after school club that is a supportive, loving and enriching environment for everyone involved. He is devoted to every single member of his club, including Haruhi, even going to so as to stage the world’s most adorable drag show in order to keep Haruhi feeling happy and comfortable in the club. For a handsome rich boy who is still in high school, he has the disposition of a saint. Say what you will about our boy Tamaki, but he is an absolute win for fire signs, and exemplifies the very best qualities of fire signs everywhere.


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Where do I even begin? Norman is a literal angel. He is one of the three eldest children living in the Grace Field orphanage, and one of the first to realize that the orphanage is, yes I know how crazy this sounds, feeding children to demons. Using his genius level intellect, he and the other children from Grace Field concoct a plan to escape from captivity. He turns twelve before the plan can go into effect, which is the maximum age at which that children are “adopted”, or shipped out of the farm to be killed and processed by the demons of the outside world. Norman however was not sold to demons, but was adopted by a human named Peter Ratri, who works for the demons on the outside world. Norman could have given up trying to save everyone and lived out the rest of his days. But did he? Hell no. Using his brilliant mind, he pulled string after string on the outside world to ensure that his best friends Emma and Ray, along with all the other children of Grace Field, would remain safe. Norman is willing to go to any ends to ensure the safety of his friends, and formulates a morally questionable plan to eradicate all demons from the face of the earth. He is eventually swayed to find a less-lethal solution by his best friend Emma. Norman is kind, brilliant, and fiercely protective of those he loves. Another top class Aries.

Eren Jaeger

Eren looks how I feel about the supposed Attack on Titan series finale
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Eren Jaeger, oh Eren Jaeger. Speaking of morally questionable plans, Eren sure as hell has quite a few. See the thing about Eren is that he started on the right side. He wanted to kill all the Titans and save humanity. And he stayed that way for three seasons. Sure he didn’t always make the right decisions, but his heart was always in a good place. And he won victory after victory for humanity. He was on a roll, he was doing great. We loved Eren Jaegar.

And then Season 4 began.

And Eren changed, or arguably became the person he was all along. His actions became cold, ruthless, and methodical. He spurned and ridiculed friends he once held dear, and abandoned the very people he said he would die for. He then turns into a genocidal maniac and begins to use his Titan powers to lay waste to the entire world. He wants to destroy all of humanity, due to his ability to see the future, he thinks that this is the only way to save humanity. The series hasn’t told us why exactly Eren is doing the things he does, or what dark future he sees. But it seems pretty questionable to me. Sorry Aries gang, I’ve gotta take a few points off for this one.

Johan Liebert

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Uh oh. I hate to break it to you gang, but this guy is bad news. Not even just bad news. He’s evil. Downright evil. One of the most evil anime villains of all time. He’s right up there with Griffith from Berserk and Light Yagami from Death Note. Arguably worse, because unlike Griffith and Light, he does not have grand ambitions for some sort of new world order. He doesn’t want to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity with he himself as the god of a new age. His goal is to simply be the last man standing at the end of the world. He doesn’t believe life is special, not even his own. He doesn’t believe in anything. He is a true nihilist who sees life as an accident, a mistake, and therefore has no qualms about killing. And kill he does. Throughout the series, Johan Liebert is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people across Germany. Good people, evil people, and morally ambiguous people alike. He has no morality, and therefore sees no moral reason for the existence of others. He does was he sees fit with other people’s lives. He’s perhaps anime’s greatest and most terrifying villain, and he just so happens to be an Aries. Not that he believes in horoscopes. Or God. Or anything. Sorry Aries gang, points off.

Roy Mustang

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Remember when I gave you all points off? WELL PUT THEM ALL BACK ON, CAUSE ROY FUCKING MUSTANG IS IN THE BUILDING. Roy Mustang is the shit. He’s the coolest of the cool. Known across the world of Full Metal Alchemist as The Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang is a battle-hardened soldier who fights for the good of the realm. While he has a reputation for being a lazy womanizer, it is actually all just a facade to hide his sheer tactical genius. Seriously, he never so much as looks at a woman unless he’s pretending to flirt with her to pass information along. He only has eyes for his bodyguard, Riza Hawkeye, and yes it is as cute and wholesome as it sounds. Roy is also a skilled combatant who is really good at killing things with fire, now that’s an Aries wet dream right? Roy is by far the coolest character on this list, and gives every Aries in the world, both fictional and non-fictional, a reason to brag. A million points to the Arieses of the world. We love you, and we always will.

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