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‘The Mandalorian’/’The Last of Us’ Mashups are My New Favorite Kind of Fan Art

Din Djarin kneels to look at Grogu in The Mandalorian.

Happy Mandalorian Day! The first episode of season 3 dropped on Disney+ today, which means that Pedro Pascal fans are twice blessed: not only do we get to dive back into the world of Din Djarin and Grogu, but season 1 of The Last of Us on HBO Max still has two episodes to go.

Who knew we’d get Pedro Pascal being a daddy in two shows at the same time? I mean like a literal daddy. Wait, what did you think I meant?

Animated gif of Pedro Pascal looking at the camera, smiling, and saying "I'm your daddy."
(Vanity Fair)

Ahem. Anyway, in The Mandalorian, Din takes care of the Force-sensitive child Grogu. In The Last of Us, Joel Miller is tasked with getting a teen girl named Ellie to a lab where her immunity to the Cordyceps infection can be used to make a vaccine. The parallels between the two shows are eerie: both Din and Joel are thrust into their caretaker roles by accident, and then gradually get closer to their charges until they form chosen families. Both characters have similar stoic, cowboy-influenced demeanors that play off of Grogu and Ellie’s youthful silliness. Pascal is a big goofball in real life, but he’s really good at playing these gruff daddy roles.

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What better way to celebrate these characters than with fan art?

The first Mandalorian/Last of Us mashup I saw, by @stillindigo, came out a few weeks ago.

Can you imagine this meeting? In the show, Ellie gets her mind blown by simply riding in a car. Can you imagine her meeting a real live adorable alien? Along with a doppelgänger of Joel in a futuristic suit of armor. It’s the drawing that will surely inspire a thousand fanfics.

This drawing by Stephen O’Callaghan dates from way back when Pascal was first cast as Joel.

I love how Ellie’s outfit is too big for Grogu’s arms!

This last one I just noticed today, when I was trawling the internet for Pedro content:

It looks like the artist, Nico Myrna, is open for commissions if you’re craving more Mando/TLOU-inspired art.

The internet sucks for so many reasons, but fan art is one of the bright spots that keeps me logging on every day. Keep it coming, artists—you’re doing a great service to the Pedro fans of the world.

(featured image: Disney+)

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