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Our Most Favorite Moments in the New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Plus some wild speculation!

the last jedi trailer poe stop blowing things up

If it wasn’t already obvious, you need to know: I really, really like Star Wars.

So when The Last Jedi‘s trailer premiered this morning at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, you had better believe I was a hot crying mess by the end of it. Come and be a hot crying mess with me.

There were so many moments to enjoy over its two-minute length, and here are just a few of mine.

  • That opening!
    • It looks like Rey’s gasping for air coming out of what might be a cave. Remember in Empire Strikes Back that Luke had his own “cave” moment where he faced off (get it) against a vision of Darth Vader (borrowing heavily from mythology and the descent and all).
  • The music!
    • It never struck me how well Rey’s theme and “Binary Sunset” mix together so well. 24violins kind of hit on it with their remix video, but the meshing comes out in full force here in this trailer, and it’s g o r g e o u s.
  • Cutting from Precious Space Bubble Boy Finn to Poe running with BB-8 WAS NO ACCIDENT, PEOPLE.
  • Speaking of and precious boys, here’s a brilliant bit of lovely amazingness from our own Dan Van Winkle: THIS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

  • This beautiful shot of what looks to be like Rey’s hand as she’s meditating (also please notice the lightsaber clipped to her belt in the background <3):

the last jedi trailer rey hand force

  • Luke doesn’t really mess around with the cryptic language when he’s training other people as a Jedi Master, it seems. “Breathe… what do you see?” No Yoda-talk here (which is fine, I guess), and that makes me wonder: did Luke not like the way Yoda spoke, and resolved to not do that himself? Who knows.
  • I break into tears every time I see any reference to Carrie “Beloved Space Mom and General” Fisher.

the last jedi trailer general leia

  • Kylo Ren still gets mad but smashes his grandpappy’s helmet (not cool dude, that was a collector’s item).

the last jedi trailer finn sleeping beauty

  • I remain hesitant to say that’s Rey’s hand going over the cover of that copy of The Jedi Code. It’s gloved, and more than that, it’s an orange glove, kind of matching the gloves belonging to the Resistance/Rebellion.
  • I can’t believe they go full Karate Kid in this shot.

the last jedi trailer karate kid

  • Luke watching the destruction of what looks like a Jedi Temple broke my damn heart. R2’s there with him, and it’s a great callback to Rey’s introduction to the Force in The Force Awakens.
  • Kylo Ren’s really rocking that lightsaber scar pretty well. Good for him.

The trailer just raises more questions with regards to plot, too. The prevailing theory is that Luke really wants to end the Jedi Order, and more than likely Rey will be leading up a new group of more balanced, “moderate” (I hate that word because of its modern-day connotations) Jedi group, either turning Kylo and the Knights of Ren or eliminating them Kill Bill-style. Okay, maybe not that last part, but whatever.

Anyway, this trailer is incredible. December feels so far away. I can’t wait any longer, truly.

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