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The Killing Joke Animated Film To Expand Barbara Gordon’s Role

It's the least they can do, right?

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We’ve known about the animated film adaptation of The Killing Joke for a while now–as well as the fact that it’s reportedly been given the go-ahead to have an R-rating. Several famous voiceover actors from Batman: The Animated Series are lending their talents to the film, including Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill returning as Batman and the Joker, respectively.

Hamill, who apparently finished recording his part a while ago, shared a sneak peek of the film on his Facebook page which had a few glitches, so a fan took it upon themselves to upload a non-glitchy version elsewhere for online perusal and scrutiny. There’s a smaller teaser as well, but this 10-minute behind-the-scenes look shares both scenes and interviews with some of the makers of the film who really seem to have a handle on the controversial storyline and its explicit subject matter.

A Sneak Peak at Batman – The Killing Joke by hpootpfan

One part of the clip the creators of the film talk about is the expanded role given to Barbara Gordon in this film–which is encouraging, especially given the comic’s treatment of her character and the history there. In order to expand the story into more of a full-length feature film, The Killing Joke is going to add their own prequel to the movie for the audience to spend more time with Barbara Gordon, effectively fleshing out her backstory a little more prior to the traumatic events that occur later on. The good news is that she’s being treated as a character who matters, and that’s more than the original source material ever gave her.

What are your thoughts on the animated version of The Killing Joke now that you’ve seen more of it? Will you be watching once it’s released?

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