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Mogulite to Refocus as The Jane Dough, Women in Business

Starting Monday, December 5, our sister site Mogulite will be refocusing as The Jane Dough, a site that will cover women in business. We’re excited about the shift in focus, as the stories Mogulite covered that were related to women in business not only attracted attention, but provided a venue for that type of content, which tends to be underrepresented. Mogulite’s current editors Amy Tennery and Hillary Reinsberg will continue leading the charge, delivering the same quality content for The Jane Dough as they did on Mogulite.

Managing Editor Amy Tennery explains the motivations behind the rebranding:

“We want to celebrate women who’ve made a huge impact on the business world — leaders like Indra Nooyi and Irene Rosenfeld — while also calling out the subtle sexism that pervades that world. As someone who’s long been passionate about women’s issues and business writing, this is truly a dream opportunity.

…our new site will explore the world of business through the female prism. We want to celebrate women who’ve found success, call out sexism where we see it, and dissect how powerful women are treated in the media.”

So, starting on Monday, December 5, will be a new place for you to spend some of your Internet time. You should look forward to it. We are!

Head on over to Mogulite to read more about the shift.

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