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The Internet’s Best and Worst Ri-actions to Rihanna’s Halftime Show

Rihanna, dressed in red and surrounded by dancers in white, performs at the 2023 Super Bowl.

It’s been over three years since Rihanna’s last live performance and fans eagerly awaited her return. 

The artist gave a shining performance on a semi-suspended, multilevel stage, decked out in red from head to toe. As the internet is known to do, the reactions have varied from praise to memes to some … weird takes.

A lot of love for RiRi

Rihanna showed that she still shines bright like a diamond, and fans were happy to soak up her shine.

The usual flurry of Superbowl memes

As usual, there was also an outpouring of memes, gently poking fun at things like the stage, which involved several platforms that raised and lowered as Rihanna and her dancers performed.

And here come the bad takes

While we do not encourage anyone to speculate about other people’s bodies or relationships, many fans also believed Rihanna is pregnant again. According to Variety, after the halftime show, Rihanna’s reps confirmed that the singer is expecting her second child.

Some fans even had reactions that veered into anger or sorrow over the news, as it likely indicates a longer hiatus from touring or making a new album.

Obviously, these tweets are meant to be exaggerated and many were outpourings of support and well-wishes for the artist.

However, if your first reaction to one of your favorite singers revealing her pregnancy is to complain that means you won’t be getting new music from said singer, then please take a step back and touch some grass. 

Rihanna is a businesswoman and a mother, who she has a right to take time for herself and her family.

(featured image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

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