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The Internet Isn’t Letting Go of Daniel Radcliffe’s Perfect Rom-Com Pitch

Daniel Radcliffe has embraced his post-Harry Potter career with open arms. He’s taken on Broadway and comedy, and he’s now pitching an idea that has the internet buzzing: a rom-com with Quinta Brunson. As a Radcliffe fan, that does sound perfect.

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While on the red carpet for the Golden Globes, Radcliffe brought up his desire to make a rom-com and called out Brunson as his dream co-star. Why? Because they are “a perfect height match.” When asked what genre he still wants to do by Variety‘s Marc Malkin, Radcliffe responded by saying ,”You know, I love, like, sports movies. I would love to do more rom-coms!”

Speaking of “more” rom-coms, he was referring What If, which he starred in opposite Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver. But he went on to talk about his experience making it. “I did one of them once, and it was super fun. So yeah, something like that.” Malkin then went on to ask who his leading lady would be in that rom-com, and Radcliffe excitedly said Quinta Brunson: “Quinta Brunson. I just thought, ‘We should do something together.’ And we’re a perfect heigh match. So really, there’s a future in this.”

They do have chemistry, too! We saw it happen with Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, when Brunson played Oprah Winfrey opposite Radcliffe’s Weird Al. So, to see them take those comedic chops and turn it into romance? That’s the good stuff.

We all, rightfully so, ran with the idea.

This is now the second time in recent months that an actor has posed a romantic comedy idea to the internet that we all have wanted to eat up right then and there. Whether it was the Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri pitch or now this, one thing is clear: We want more romantic comedies and we want them with actors we know and love. The rom-com renaissance is here!

Give it to us short ones!

It’s not always a tall, superhero-looking leading man that brings a rom-com to life. Famously, some of the best to ever do it were from average height to the shorter end of the spectrum. Billy Crystal made us all fall in love with When Harry Met Sally, and he clocks in at 5’7″. So, letting Daniel Radcliffe take on another rom-com feels right and like it’s about time.

Most of the time, when there is a shorter man as the romantic comedy lead, the woman is cast as someone taller because that is also a nice dynamic to see. But we rarely get to see the shorter people shining together. As someone who is 5’2″ and lies about the little extra height I do have, I long for the days when a shorter woman is paired with a shorter guy.

Brunson and Radcliffe being together? That’s perfection. We all need it in our lives. So, we cannot let DanRad’s suggestion die. Hey, we’ll even take a combination rom-com with Ayo/Paul and Dan/Quinta if it means that these movies happen! (I’d rather them be separate movies, but I’m trying to get the studios to listen to me for a second.)

So here is my official plea: Give us more romantic comedies with It Actors in them. It’s time.

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