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The Golden Globes Remind Us All To Watch ‘The Bear’

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Out of all the television nominees from this Golden Globes award ceremony, one of the ones I did not expect to win anything was The Bear despite knowing how good the series is. Carmie (Jeremy Allen White) is a character so complicated that the series just rides on his energy and is one of the most nerve-wracking shows to date.

Luckily, one of the good things that the Golden Globes did this year (after being rocked by scandals and NBC refusing to broadcast the show last year) was to give Jeremy Allen White the award for Best Actor in a TV Comedy series. While Abbott Elementary took home the big award and rightfully so, The Bear has been the sleeper hit of the season. The show about a restaurant in Chicago set in motion a movement—mainly all your friends suddenly saying “Thank you, chef,” or things like “behind” if you happen to be in their way.

White taking home the award for Best Actor is just further reason for me to say one simple thing: Watch The Bear.

The FX series is one you can watch in one go. It is such a fun series that also has an episode towards the end that is, easily, one of the most stressful things I have ever watched. The point is: The Bear is a journey. And one that everyone should experience.

How to watch The Bear

If you’re looking for an easy way to watch it, you can catch up on Hulu. The series premiered on FX but I think that many of us came to it after it had completely aired.

The Bear is one of those shows where you’re so enthralled by what is going on, you do not even realize how much of the series you’ve already watched. Trust me, you will say “chef” more than you ever have in your entire life. Besides that, it’s genuinely a great show and Jeremy Allen White is only one part of a brilliant cast.

You can watch on the FX streaming apps or Hulu and when you do, please come back and comment your feelings on The Bear because we all need to be talking about it more.

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