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The Discography of That Band You Love


You know that band you love? How they had that one song that you heard and it totally captivated you right from the start, and then you went out and bought their debut album and it stayed in your car’s stereo for the entire summer. You never forgot that one song by the band you love, and even after they started putting out crappy albums and you took down their posters, every time you heard it you’d go and listen to all their records again because you remembered that they were the band you love.

Artist Grant Snider remembers that band, and every band, with his ingenious time line for “The Egos.” While the progression may not be the same for every band, most bands have passed through at least one or more of these  phases in their careers. And the final album, “Trifecta” is such a perfect embodiment of an artistically bankrupt album that I instantly realized that I had seen hundreds of albums just like it over the years. That alone raises this drawing from being “funny” to “shockingly apt.”

(Grant Snider via Neatorama)

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