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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2.5

Michonne continues her danger-evading adventures in our Let’s Play of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead adventure game. Last week, Michonne saved Samantha’s life, but she’s still in deep trouble with Samantha’s family, since Greg didn’t make it out of Randall’s captivity alive. Also, Samantha might not be alive either; she hasn’t awoken from consciousness yet, last we saw.

Michonne has just broken the news to Greg and Samantha’s family that Greg didn’t survive, provoking sobs from Samantha’s two younger brothers. Seeing the family’s grief spirals Michonne into a flashback to the day when she abandoned her own children, whose fate is still uncertain. Michonne walks herself through the memory in her mind, trying to piece together what happened. She wanders through her daughters’ bedroom; it’s pretty grim and spooky. There are two zombie corpses in the living room, but no evidence that her daughters managed to escape unscathed before the undead showed up.

This section feels like part of a mystery game, as Michonne walks around an apartment (in flashback? in memory?) and attempts to recreate what happened. She looks at every object and observes it, but nothing seems to offer her (or us) any clues about what happened. The knife on the kitchen floor, which has blood on it, inspires a scared reaction from Michonne … but it doesn’t seem like she was actually present for whatever altercation happened here. She doesn’t seem to know anything about what happened, if this scene is any indication.

Michonne checks the kitchen phone and tries “Redial” to see who her daughters called before they disappeared. They called her, and she didn’t pick up. Ouch! Michonne then finds a packed suitcase filled with her kids’ clothes. They must not have managed to take it with them. Suddenly, the phone starts ringing. At the same time, Michonne hears a stranger walking outside in the hallway.

Michonne chooses to go and grab the cordless phone and answer it first, before running to the door. As a result, she misses her chance to meet whoever the stranger was; the hallway is empty when she reaches it. The person on the phone is Donna, who asks Michonne where her daughters are. It sounds from the frantic, fast-paced phone conversation like Dominic (Michonne’s ex-husband and the father of her kids) was trying to take the girls to Donna’s place, but didn’t make it there. This all lines up with their backstory from the comic books and the show.

Over the phone, Michonne hears Donna getting attacked by the undead, before they can even complete their conversation. Then, Michonne gets jolted back to the time period of the present: Samantha’s home. The strange woman from last week’s episode (Samantha’s dad’s girlfriend? Maybe?) asks Michonne why she keeps talking to herself. So, I guess we had that whole remembered phone conversation with Donna out loud, then.

This one leaves off on a cliffhanger; we still don’t know what really happened to Michonne’s daughters, and we still don’t know if Samantha survived her surgery. We’ll have to find out the answer to both questions in next week’s Let’s Play episode! If you want to catch up on the choices we’ve made in the game up until now, check out The Deadly Sue tag or watch our Let’s Play on YouTube.

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