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Explore the .Turnip Darknet with The Brasier, Our New Sister Site


Are you completely done with exploring the .onion deep web? What if there were a new top level domain, similarly named after vegetables, but funnier ones, like a turnip? Carrot? Perhaps rhubarb? Haven’t you always wanted to go to a website that ended in .rhubarb? Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that, but we can help you keep track of all your chef-based needs and desires with our new sister site, The Braiser!

That’s right, Abrams Media has just launched its next new big thing, The Braiser (est. 2012, as the logo states!), a site focusing on all of your favorite celebrity chefs and chef-related news. If you’ve ever read Kitchen Confidential, you’ll not only know to avoid buying seafood from restaurants at the beginning of the week, but you’ll also know what to expect from our newly launched sister site. But enough of my silly .rutabaga darknet jokes, I’ll let Editor-in-Chief Verena von Pfetten explain the site better than my cheesy (get it?!) jokes ever could:

The Braiser is here to bring the personalities behind the food you eat and love (or hate!) to the forefront. What we eat, where we eat, and how we eat it is a focal point of how we define community, family, and culture in this country and around the world. And the people who help us do that are going to get our attention — though some, obviously, much more than others.

So read along as we chronicle the chefs that grace our televisions, our magazines, and our Twitter feeds — as well as those that don’t. For every chef with their own show, there are a dozen out there creating, cooking, and changing the way we consume food on a daily basis.

You guys should give the site a go. As someone whose sister is a chef in “the scene,” as it were, who made a bone axe out of leftover bones because why not, I can vouch for the entertainment level of the cheffing world, and now sister site The Braiser can keep you up-to-date on all of your secret bone axe needs.

So, get over there!

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