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The Bad Batch’ Is Coming Back for Season 3 For One Last Ride

The characters of the Bad Batch together

Ending your season on a cliffhanger without confirmation of another season hurts. But at least it worked out in the long run! The series, which has brought us into the world of a team of clones dubbed “The Bad Batch,” has made fans excited to explore a new era of the animated world of Star Wars. But brought us a season 2 that ended in a cliffhanger and fans were left wondering whether or not we’d get our new favorite clones back in action.

Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who fans know from his work in shows like Clone Wars, and Michelle Ang (who plays Omega) took to the panel for The Bad Batch hosted by Amy Ratcliffe along with some of the creatives for the show. During the panel, we went through their favorite moments, talked about the decided to kill of Tech during the run of season 2, and their excitement for the show as a whole.

By the end, writer Jennifer Corbett shared the news that The Bad Batch would be back for a third and final season of the hit animated series. Now, the audience was mixed in the sense that we were excited for more of The Bad Batch but it is the third and final season. And then we got to see a sneak peek for season 3 of the series!

The crew is searching for Omega and they’re not going to stop until they reach her and Crosshair, even if it means they’d have to fight against Palpatine and the Empire to do it. We’ll get to see the conclusion to The Bad Batch with this season and it is sad to say goodbye so soon but at least we’re going to see what awaits our favorite team of clones once more!

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