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You Must Stick Your Head in a Giant Boob to Play a Demo at Tokyo Game Show

Stay classy, TGS.

Yes, this is a real tweet from the floor of the Tokyo Game Show, where playing a demo of the newest OneeChanbara game requires that you stick your head inside a giant anime breast. The world really could have done without a literal interpretation of the term “booth babe,” you guys.

But OneeChanbara is all about scantily clad anime girls fighting zombies and stuff, so…


It’s a lot more fun if you just laugh at the puny mortal men who are being ironically attacked/beheaded/brainwashed/devoured by the very boobs they came to ogle.

TGS 2014 opened to the press this morning and will be open to the public on Saturday with the show coming to a close on Sunday.

(via Polygon)

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