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Groot Has A Cellphone And You Can Text Him Right Now

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Can’t get enough Guardians of the Galaxy? Wish you could hang out with them forever? Well now you can have a Guardian in your pocket 24/7, ready to advise you at a moment’s notice. Yep, a-holes – you can now text with Groot!

It’s simple: just send your most complex, philosophical queries to (866) 740-4531. Groot will receive them, and respond in no time at all. Perfect for when you’re feeling a bit lonely; for when you’re tempted to drunk text your ex; or for when you want to impress your friends with the fact that your cell plan includes interstellar texting.

Yes, I tried it. Yes, it’s pretty excellent.

This Rocket-approved bot was built by a Twilio employee, Ricky Robinett – and it seems like everyone wants the opportunity to chat with a Guardian of the Galaxy.

Honestly, this art by DepartedPro has never been more appropriate:

Groot Selfie

(via TechCrunch)

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