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This Terrifying New Horror Movie Has Audiences Fainting in the Theaters

Art the Clown in Terrifier 2.

A new horror movie is in town that reportedly has horrified audiences vomiting and fainting in theaters. Terrifier 2 premiered on October 6, 2022, and has received a largely positive critical reception. It was initially released as a one-week special theatrical event. However, it did so well in theaters that its theatrical run was extended to another week. The film was directed and written by Damien Leone and is a sequel to the 2016 film Terrifier. While the initial film received mixed-to-negative reviews, it seems Leone improved upon its shortcomings with his sequel.

Terrifier 2 sees the return of David Howard Thorton’s Art the Clown. Art the Clown has appeared in several of Leone’s other works, in addition to the Terrifier films. He is a sadistic and demonic killer clown who appears on Halloween night to terrorize his victims. Art the Clown is unique in that he is silent, communicating through miming and facial expressions while never uttering a sound. In Terrifier 2, he is resurrected after having been believed dead in the first film. He sets his sights on a teenage girl, Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera), and terrorizes her and her younger brother, Jonathan Shaw (Elliot Fullam), on Halloween night.

Critics have praised the film for its focus on character development, as well as the visual effects. Leone uses practical special effects for his works and received praise for them in the first Terrifier film, too. However, he made Terrifier 2 a lot grander in scope and even fundraised to make the film a reality despite it boasting over double the budget of the first Terrifier. It seems he truly has outdone himself because not only are fans loving it, but they’re even becoming sickened by it.

Terrifier 2 has audiences fainting and vomiting in theaters

Terrifier 2 is a slasher film, meaning gore and violence is to be expected from it. It seems the film may have gone a little too far with its brutality, though, as USA Today reported that theater-goers have been vomiting and fainting as they watch it in theaters. Several audience members took to Twitter to share stories of how they or their friends suffered fainting spells or vomited while watching Terrifier 2. One user claimed that his friend passed out while watching the film, resulting in emergency services being called.

Other users described chaos in the theater as people fainted, vomited, walked out, or covered their eyes throughout the film.

Director Leone took to Twitter to ward off claims that the reports of puking and fainting are a marketing ploy and insisted they were legit.

The reports were serious enough that Terrifier 2 producer Steve Barton issued a warning on social media. Leone also spoke to EW about the reports, stating, “I don’t want people fainting, getting hurt during the movie.”

What is causing these reactions to Terrifier 2 seems to simply be the masterful use of practical effects combined with extreme, uncut gore and violence. It’s not completely unheard of for horror films to make individuals pass out, but it is exceedingly rare for a film to attain that level of terror. Curious viewers will have to see for themselves what is invoking such strong reactions to Terrifier 2—if they’re brave enough.

(via USA Today, featured image: Bloody Disgusting)

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