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There Will Be More Terminator, Reportedly Back in the Hands of Franchise Creator James Cameron



Terminator Genisys tried to be a new beginning for the franchise by shaking up everything we thought we knew about the story, but it was met with lukewarm response at best, and its planned sequels seemed unlikely to ever materialize. Now, however, it seems that there will be another Terminator movie in the near future, but with one important distinction: series creator James Cameron will oversee things.

That should be exciting to fans of the original classics, as Cameron hasn’t truly been involved since Terminator 2, and the quality of the franchise beyond that point has been generally disappointing. Cameron’s getting some of his Terminator rights back in 2019, and while Deadline reports that he won’t be directing a sequel, he will be overseeing things and is purportedly in talks with Deadpool director Tim Miller to bring the next installment back to glory.

What exactly that will entail, though, is fairly up in the air right now. Cameron was generally complimentary of Genisys, so a direct sequel is not out of the question, but he could prefer to upend things entirely, especially after how that movie performed. Deadline says the theoretical Miller-directed movie would be “a reboot and conclusion” for the franchise based on word from their sources, but—ignoring the contradiction in rebooting things but also completing them—it’s likely at this stage that even those closely involved aren’t 100% set on what direction to take.

Whatever they do, though, this is just what the next installment needed to gain some goodwill after the weird, disparate narrative directions the last few movies have taken. We may never get another blockbuster classic like Terminator 2, but if we have any chance of getting close, it looks like this is it.

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