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Teen Wolf Recap: “Unleashed”



Isaac Lahey. Cute little werewolf puppy with a tortured past. Fashionable dresser. Secretly British. He’s a lot of things. He can rock a wet T-shirt scene with a surprising amount of dignity and genuine emotion. He can share significant moments with both Scott McCall and Allison Argent within seconds of each other, thus launching a new OT3 which I will cherish forever or at least until Jeff Davis crushes it under tears and turmoil.

Guys, I think Daniel Sherman’s Isaac Lahey is this week’s Teen Wolf MVP.

Of course, Isaac’s not the only revelation from this week’s Teen Wolf. Another person got murdered! Because of course.

This particular guy was just walking his tiny dog down an alley when he was kidnapped and murdered and added to the growing list of People Who Probably Regret Ever Moving the Beacon Hills. But at least Scott saved his tiny dog!

We find Beacon Hills High much where we left it last week: Ms. Blake walking alone down its halls, this time much more tentative after last week’s attacks. Which is probably wise; if you can walk down the Beacon Hills High hallways without flinching, you’re probably missing something. This time what she was missing was Derek Hale, who periodically likes to remind us of his super-stalker powers, this time by showing up in her classroom. She thinks he’s there to intimidate or kill her, which is always a great start to romance; in reality he’s there to check up on her well-being. You know the love-interest thing’s gonna happen here; Derek’s not even being sassy here, and their faces are both very attractive. The kinds of attractive that just lets you know that those faces are gonna smush together eventually.

On a more pressing note, however: THE BEACON HILLS LOCKER ROOM IS BACK, GUYS! And not as a site of murder (for now)! I never even knew I missed lacrosse, but I did. It’s just such a great excuse to get these guys in one room together. Stiles, at this juncture, is freaking out about being a virgin, which is understandable given that somebody’s definitely been going around murdering the town’s virgins. He desperately calls out for someone to sleep with him and Danny* responds with a kindhearted offer. Stiles is about to accept when Danny crushes our dreams and reveals that he was kidding. “You don’t toy with a guy’s emotions like that,” Stiles responds. Same, Stiles. Same.

Still, the Beacon Hills lacrosse team is back! Coach is back! Greenberg is probably back! Isaac is wearing a really cute cowl sweater (boy is really rocking the fashion arena this season)! And there is shirtlessness! The shirtlessness is sadly interrupted, however, when Isaac recognizes the two new guys on the team: The Amoeba Hulk Alpha Twins, the ones with distractingly small faces, the ones who a little bit seemingly tried to murder him a few weeks back. Isaac immediately goes after them all slow-mo-running-like, but alas, there are two of them and only one of our little were-pup.  Alpha Twin #1: “Remind me, how many bones are there in a human body?” Alpha Twin #2:”Well let’s find out,” Me: “DON’T YOU DARE.”

Apparently their names are Ethan and Aidan, but I care less about that than the fact that 1) Scott stepped in at just the right moment to save Isaac from some de-limbing, and 2) The Beacon Hills athletics department immediately discovers the body of the aforementioned ritually murdered towns-person. Because of course.

Isaac suspects the Alpha Twins, which makes sense as they’ve threatened him with bodily harm every single time he’s been alone in their presence; Stiles is noticing the distinct lack of werewolf stench in these particular homicides. I’m personally still really hoping for witches to come into play at some point. Scott, forced to choose between his two main boyfrans, takes the middle road of shoulder-shrugging “IDEK man” so as to avoid a bigger “issue.”

Meanwhile elsewhere, Derek and Cora are trying to work out their emotional issues of both having believed the other dead for the past few years (and no, still no explanation as to how that went down). And by “work out their emotional issues” I mean that Cora exercises as Derek broods in her general direction. That is, until some alphas break into the loft (you’d think Derek would have a better security system) and stab Derek straight through the middle with a big rusty pipe. I swear to god, being stabbed must be so mundane to that boy now it’s happened so often.

Blind Alpha Alpha comes in to plot and monologue and just in general go about chillin’ like a villain, boasting that he’s “a man with far more vision than simple murder.” Good for him! Now stop stabbing people. Or having them stabbed. Same difference, really.

Really, what he’s there to convince Derek to do is kill a member of his own pack. “But I don’t wanna!” Derek whines, which Deucalion responds to by having that rusty pipe twisted around in his innards a little more. Apparently killing a member of your pack results in you taking on that members’ power, becoming a “stronger, faster,” and generally totally bionic werewolf. And apparently all the alphas are doing it these days! Might begin to explain the creepy amoeba powers of the Alpha Twins. Deucalion (Duke to his buddies) gets a little carried away here, screaming something about being the apex of werewolves, “THE DEMON WOOOOOOLLLLFFFFF,” to which I respond “damn man calm down, they’re still hotter than you. According to Cosmo that means something”

Back at school, Straight Twin is asking Lydia out, which is worrying to the high school members of The Lunatics for fairly obvious reasons (hint: the Possible Murderers thing). It triggers Scott’s Protective Instincts, which might be good because Lydia’s got the bad luck of a Cassandra-type. She’s a strong independent woman but if they hurt her I will cry.

Stiles is stalking the murder case, and corners the dead guy’s girlfriend rather unceremoniously to ask if the guy was a virgin. The answer: Nope. Which might be a relief for Stiles on the sex-front (con: he’s lost his best pick-up line), but we’ve got a new pattern to figure out. Stiles informs Lydia that the guy she’s got a date with is an alpha werewolf and then tries to convince her to give up her tiny little dog. In return Lydia tries to convince Stiles to leave this newest murder spree up to his dad, as it is literally his dad’s job to figure this stuff out. Obviously Lydia’s never seen Veronica Mars**. Still, he can’t do nothing, so he goes to super-vet Dr. Deaton to recruit his help. Together, they figure out some new pieces to the puzzle. Namely: The Druids. The symbols, the sacrifice, it all points to them.

Deaton’s apparently known this was coming for the last decade, and he and his super-friends have been trying to push it away that entire time. This particular perp’s a copycat, probably a druid gone bad, someone funneling ancient ways into some good ol’ fashioned murder.

Oh, and while we’re at it, more murders! Lydia’s apparent superpower is FINDING CORPSES, which is a really really sucky superpower and I would advice her to exchange it for another one. This one she finds in music class, which is a class she doesn’t take. So why was she there? Probably because the teacher was the most recent victim and her superpower is the worst.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Allison and Isaac have found themselves in lunchtime detention–Allison for falling asleep in Kendra’s Ms. Morell’s French class (and probably for a little bit thinking Ms. Morell might be evil) and Isaac for getting on the wrong side of the Alpha Twins, who are apparently willing to beat each other up to land their enemies in detention.

Isaac and Allison get paired together on cleaning duty, which they’re a little hesitant about due to that awkward past of Allison’s homicidal breakdown last season. “You stabbed me. 20 times. With knives.” “Well actually they were Chinese ring daggers.” Allison, not the time.

But they power through and before you know it I’m shipping it (god dammit), especially when they find themselves locked in a supply closet together. It triggers Isaac’s claustrophobia–caused by years of horrific abuse by his father–and reminds me that this wounded puppy is my favorite wounded puppy. Like Tyrion Lannister once said over on Game of Thrones, “I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards and broken things.” The combined forces of Allison and Scott (who appears to be literally just seconds from wherever there’s someone in trouble these days) come to the rescue of the claustrophobia situation, though. These three, guys: dynamic trio. Mad sexual tension. OT3. They look really attractive when their faces are close together.

My new OT3 decided to reap their prankster revenge on the Alpha Twins (who surely are the ones responsible for the lock-in), and steal their bikes. It’s a plot that really only works on the supernatural shows that take place in high school. The operative: Make then mad. Very mad. Basically piss them off and then get them suspended. Isaac does a back-flip and everything. It’s pretty great.

Just look how cute they are together:

(I also really enjoy the girl in the background. I feel ya, background girl. I feel ya.)

So, scorecard: Isaac is emotionally scarred and also totally adorable with Scott and Allison. Derek got stabbed again, and the lesson he learned from it was that Blind Alpha Alpha Deucalion means business.

The serial killers seem done with killing virgins at the moment, and have moved on to another category: Apparently soldier/warrior types. After the music teacher? Mr. Harris! You remember Mr. Harris: He’s been massively suspicious since the first season, and not just because he likes to see his students squirm. Apparently our suspicions were founded, because apparently he knows a lot more about these Druid characters than we know at the moment. He’s also been kidnapped, so there’s a good chance that’s not gonna work out so well for him–unless The Lunatics get to him in time.

After a long day of fighting Alpha Twins and flirting with Scott and Allison, Isaac arrives home at Derek’s loft, probably looking to kick back and relax with some Mario Kart and dish on the Beacon Hills gossip. Unfortunately, Derek’s spent the day with a rusty pipe through his middle and what he’s learned from it is that he can’t have friends. So he White Fangs him. “Get out of here, you, git!” he yells, and Isaac’s confused puppy-dog face and “Did I do something wrong?” makes the whole Internet rail at Derek for being so cruel. But you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re trying your best not to murder your friends, and so Derek goes dark: He throws a glass at Isaac’s head, which for the record is just so not something to do to someone with abuse in their past. Or anyone. But those people in particular.

So the whole Internet (or at least my Tumblr dash) cried, and Isaac showed up at Scott’s house emotionally raw and in a wet T-shirt. It’s what you’d expect from any supernatural show put on by MTV, but that doesn’t stop it from hurting. “This Might Hurt” is this season’s tagline, lest you forgot.

So, Isaac is living with Scott now. Broments are sure to abound. So is emotional pain. Welcome to Teen Wolf.

Other thoughts:

  • Where are we standing with Kendra Ms. Morell? I’m leaning less towards evil and more towards double agent. She seems too emotionally supportive of these kids to be actually on the side of trying to do them in. Plus I kind of think Deaton’s got better taste in people than that.
  • Scott and Isaac’s faces when they saw the Amoeba Twins morph into one: Priceless.
  • Stiles and Boyd have a nice little moment (“I didn’t know you were back in school!” “Yeah! I would have told you but we’re not actually friends.”) in the hallway that’s punctuated by apparent 100% confirmation that Erica is in fact dead, which means we can all officially cry about it now. Especially since she was apparently Boyd’s only friend. Now excuse me while I go blast “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and cry into my Tumblr.
  • I read somewhere (Tumblr) that with all this druid stuff, what comes after virgins and warriors? Is mothers. MOTHERS. If they hurt Mama McCall I will cry. But you know they will. Their goal is cry. (If any commenters out there have evidence that works against this I’d welcome it, as it’s barely researched and also I want Melissa McCall safe and sound.)


**She really should, I feel like she’d dig it.

(Photos via MTV)

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