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Teen Wolf Recap: Currents



Why must you do this to me, Teen Wolf? Have I not been your loyal subject since day one? Why do you hurt me this way?!

We’d heard that a character would die this episode, so I was on high alert from scene one, when Scott brought dinner to his mom at the hospital and saw the giant ball o’ chaos that results from a ten-car pileup and a missing doctor. Scott, being an A+ A+ champ, uses his Super Werewolf Powers to suck the pain out of an accident victim. Things aren’t all Scott being sweet for long, though: Ethan comes in with a wounded Danny, who’s been complaining of chest pains and promptly makes the hospital that much more festive by vomiting mistletoe all over the floor.

While all this is going on the on-call doctor is trying to get to the hospital, but she’s attacked by… butterflies. Or are they moths? Regardless. Hundreds of tiny winged insects invade this poor lady’s car, and right before the scene ends we see the dark druid, or the Darach, in the back seat.

I didn’t get a chance to say this last week, because I was unable to do a Teen Wolf recap (apologies), but the Darach totally looks like Jigsaw from the Saw series, right?

The fate of random on-call doctor ain’t looking so rosy, but things are better for Danny. Why is that? Mama Effing McCall is why. Danny’s lung has collapsed and he’s about to die because there are no doctors around to administer treatment, so Mama McCall levels up and stabs Danny in the heart with a giant needle Pulp Fiction-style. Like a boss. Hooray, Danny’s life is saved…

for now.

Remember what I said about being paranoid all the way through this episode? Yeah.

Scott confronts Ethan out in the hospital parking lot. The Alpha twin insists that he had nothing to do with poisoning Danny, which Scott has as hard time believing since Ethan and his brother glommed onto Danny and Lydia as soon as they rolled into town. But those ulterior motives are long past for him, Ethan explains: He and his brother knew that either Danny or Lydia would be important somehow, but now they know it’s Lydia, so his current boyfrienditude with Danny is because he genuinely likes the dude. Who wouldn’t? He’s Danny!

That does raise the question of why the Alpha pack were interested in Danny in the first place. We know Lydia has some supernatural shenanigans going on, but Danny’s involvement in Beacon Hills’ werewolfitude is minimal.

Scott and Ethan’s conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the on-call doctor’s car, sans driver, with a single dead moth riding shotgun. The police and Sheriff Stilinski show up. With them is Stiles, because it’s not a crime scene without him there. He sees his dad talking on a walkie and asks Scott to listen in (handy werewolf powers strike again!). Turns out the body of the first missing doctor has been found.

From there we jump to Derek’s loft lair, where an alarm goes off, alerting Derek to the fact that the Alpha pack has painted a symbol on his window. What does the symbol mean? They’re coming. Tonight.

Teen Wolf, I love you, you know I do. But sometimes you go overboard with being threatening and ominous and it’s just hilarious. (See: “Demon wooooooolf!“) Derek lives on the top floor of a building. How did the Alpha pack paint a symbol on his window? Did they steal a window washer’s rig? Did the Alpha twins dangle Kali by her clawed feet and she painted it while hanging upside-down? Why does Derek have an alarm that alerts him when illegal graffiti has already been completed? Why paint the symbol anyway, when Derek already knows the Alpha pack’s coming for him?

It’s not my favorite over-the-top dramatic move (that always belongs to Chris Argent’s aggressive window washing), but I love it anyway. Oh, this show.

The dead doctor and the missing doctor are the first two in a new trio of sacrifices, which means Mama McCall, who as a nurse falls under the generic umbrella of “healer,” is now in danger. But Mama McCall dying? Not on Scott and Isaac’s watch! The two of them guarded her as she slept, albeit not that effectively since they fell asleep too. There’s an adorable exchange where Scott and Isaac debate over who had the last watch, then Mama McCall tells them to get their butts to school.

The next scene, of Stiles and Scott in school, opens on a shot of Miss Blake’s butt. Not even kidding. I see what you did there, Teen Wolf.

Stiles tells Scott that the dead doctor died of asphyxiation, but he wasn’t strangled, so no one knows exactly how he was killed. Their sacrifice speculation is interrupted by a call from Dr. Deaton, whose office has been surrounded by moths. I’m going to be taken, he tells Scott, and I need you to find me.

(Does it strike anyone else as weird that the Darach takes the local werewolf-expert doctor as a sacrifice? I see him killing Harris, who had knowledge about something, to get him out of the way. But if these sacrifices are super-important to complete, maybe try healernapping a school nurse or something instead of someone you know at least part of the local werewolf contingent will rush to protect?)

Meanwhile Derek gets a visit from Boyd and Isaac, the latter of whom apparently has forgotten Derek using his history of traumatic abuse to shove him away. Which is… kind of weird. I get that Derek needed to do what he did, but the way he did it seems like too big a deal to be glossed over like it never happened. Also, I wish we’d gotten to see Derek’s reunion with Boyd and Isaac, as last episode everyone still thought Derek was dead. But whatever. Moving on.

The two betas tell Derek they’re out of school because they’re “sick,” to which Derek replies “With what? Brain damage?” Derek, Derek, Derek. You may do the broody, shirtless Alpha thing day in, day out (keep doing the shirtlessness, kthx), but you will never be able to effectively hide the fact that you are a giant dork.

Turns out Boyd has a plan to defeat the Alphas: Just electrocute the crap out of ’em. The three werewolves cover Derek’s floor with water (he just waxed his decrepit apartment, c’mon guys) and plan to make it so anyone who steps on it will get, in Boyd’s words, “a pretty shocking surprise.”

Grrrrrroan. Boyd! You’ve been spending too much time around Derek and/or Stiles. Dorky humor isn’t your thing.

Just kidding. Don’t stop. Never stop.

(And he even said it with a straight face, too. I’m impressed.)

Meanwhile Stiles and Scott have booked it to Deaton’s office, but the Sheriff is already there. He knows Scott knows more than he’s letting on and tells him to spill. Scott and Stiles debate whether to come clean and tell Sheriff Stilinski everything: Werewolves, the dark druid, magic, the whole shebang. It was weird at first when I told my mom, Scott admits, but in the end her knowing brought us closer together. Stiles’ wistful smile when he says that. I just… I can’t.

(I would like to note that during this scene the hashtag #StilinskiFamilyFeels popped up on the screen. MTV, you did not! Why must you play with my emotions and then brag about it?!)

Stiles doesn’t want to tell his dad at first; him knowing the full situation might help him save someone else’s life, sure, but it also might get him killed, and Stiles cant lose both his parents. But he eventually agrees, and the two of them walk out of the room








But they don’t, because Ms. Morrell shows up and tells the Sheriff to do anything to find her brother, which in turn causes him to leave to do… something. Sheriff, you remember that Scott clearly knew something that might help your investigation, right? Don’t you think that maybe you should ask him again to tell you what that is? For the love of…

Also, I hope to God Scott and Stiles remember next episode that they had decided to tell the Sheriff and, y’know, tell the Sheriff. God, that was like 15 times worse than that bit in season one where they almost show Stiles shirtless but the locker door blocks it. That was hilarious. This hurts my soul.

Morrell tells Scott and Stiles that there’s no way any deputy, sheriff, or detective can find her brother. What they really need is someone who can detect the supernatural, i.e, Lydia.

Speaking of Lydia, she’s at school macking on Aidan, but they’re interrupted by a fire alarm. Turns out the alarm was pulled by Cora, who tells her Derek wants her to stop seeing Aidan, and if she doesn’t Cora will pull her tongue out of her head. Lydia’s response is a resounding “Uh… no.” She handled a homicidal lizard for a boyfriend, Cora, c’mon. She’s got this. Cora isn’t feeling the Lydia love and grabs her arm; Stiles shows up out of freaking nowhere and tells her to let go.

Well someone’s been attending Derek Hale’s School of Dramatic Entrances. The final exam is backflipping off a flight of stairs.

Scott’s back in school too, but he’s not matriculating. Instead, he follows a strange tapping noise to the music room, where Deucalion’s been waiting for him. He says he’ll tell Scott where Deaton is if he manages to take his cane from him, which he can’t do, because it turns out Deucalion, even without eyesight, has some pretty cool kung-fu moves. He does give Scott a clue, though: Let the current guide you.

Oh, and he says either Derek or Deaton will die tonight, and Scott can only save one of them.

Deucalion, what was the point of that?! And how do you know where the Darach has Deaton, anyway? What’s going on?!

In yet a third empty classroom (seriously, are there any classes in this school?), Stiles, Cora, and Lydia are trying to access Lydia’s ~supernatural abilities~ to find out where Deaton is. They try using a Ouija Board (BHHS has a Ouija Board?), automatic writing—all to no effect. (Though Lydia does draw the mysterious druid tree again.) She is a genius, Lydia explains, but she’s not psychic. Anyway, an idiot would know you should be talking to Danny. He wasn’t one of the dark druid’s sacrifice, but he was a target—which means he might know something.

Back at the hospital Mama McCall’s figured out how the two doctor sacrifices died, and she shares her knowledge with the Sheriff: They were tied by their wrists from the ceiling so that they have to pull themselves up to take a breath. When they lose the strength to do that, they die. But it takes a few minutes, so Deaton might still be alive.

(If either Mama McCall or the Sheriff die I will flip my lid.)

Stiles is also at the hospital, but instead of just talking to Danny he goes through his satchel instead. Stiles, just tell Danny. He’s already been poisoned by mistletoe. Jackson was his best friend. Ethan’s his boyfriend. He’s in this neck-deep. (What happened with the mistletoe, anyway? Did the dark druid tie him down and force-feed him a plant? The berries were still intact in the vomit. There’ve got to be easier ways.)

Stiles finds a paper Danny wrote for Harris’ physics class on… wait for it… telluric currents. Remembering the clue Deucalion gave Scott (“Let the current guide you”), Stiles figures something about the paper might help them find Deaton.

Scott, meanwhile, has gone to see Allison, who texted him that she’s found something. Allison’s dad shows up, so Scott and Allison hide from him in the closet, which in turn leads to an Awkward Boner Alert and an almost-makeout session. Mr. Argent leaves shortly thereafter, and Allison shows Scott a map her father’s been all secretive about. Hidden markings (which Allison’s figured out how to find, because she’s Allison and is therefore the best) show the areas where the sacrifices have been taken and where their bodies have been found. But get this */Sam Winchester*: There have been six sacrifices so far, but there are twelve markings on the map. The upshot of this is that:

  • Chris Argent is keeping an eye on the druid business, because if Supernatural‘s taught us anything it’s that you can never leave the family business for long.
  • They don’t know where Deaton’s body is, but they have some options for where it might be.
  • Chris Argent knows where the druid’s dumping bodies somehow.

Scott and Allison focus on the second point. I’m really interested in the third, especially after I saw a box o’ butterflies prominently displayed next to Mr. Argent later in the scene. Coincidence? Or is Teen Wolf messing with us through the medium of set design?

Back at Derek’s loft Boyd’s plan to electrocute the Alphas runs into a fairly major snag when said Alphas cut the power, leaving Derek, Isaac, and Boyd no other choice but to fight. But even that won’t work, since Kali and the Alpha twins bust in with a captive Miss Blake. Kali wants a one-on-one fight with Derek, and if either of his betas try to get in on the action Miss Blake will die. “I’m gonna rip your throat out… with my teeth,” Derek tells Kali.

Reusing threats from season one, Derek? You’re better than that.

Scott, Lydia, Cora, and Stiles examine Danny’s paper, which is about geomagnetic fields that flow through the earth and can be affected by the moon. A map in the paper matches up with Chris Argent’s map; using the two of them together they determine that Deaton’s being held in the same bank vault where Boyd, Erica (pause for sobbing), and Cora were held by the Alphas. They’re about to go rescue him when Cora gets a text from Boyd alerting them to the fact that Derek’s in trouble. It’s just like Deucalion said: Derek and Deaton are both about to die, and Scott can only save one of them. He’s determined that they’ll both live, though; he goes to save Deaton by himself, and the other three go to Derek’s rescue.

Scott gets to the bank vault, but he can’t get to Deaton, who’s surrounded by a circle of mountain ash. Try as he might, Scott can’t power his way through. It looks like Deaton’s going to die for sure.

But wait. Remember how earlier in the episode Morrell said there was no way a mere human could possibly find Deaton?

Bah! Sheriff Stilinski to the rescue, frakkers!

The Sheriff busts into the bank vault, pulls his gun, and shoots the rope from which Deaton is hanging, saving his life in the nick of time. Turns out he recognized that one of the symbols in Deaton’s office also showed up in the bank vault, so he thought he’d go check it out and give himself the opportunity for some ultra badassitude. I screamed.

Things aren’t going so well for Derek, as he’s getting his butt whopped by Kali. Stiles, Cora, and Lydia make their way to the electrical controls and alert Isaac to the fact that they’re bringing the power back juuuuust in time for Isaac to get Miss Blake to safety. Derek, Kali, and Boyd get zapped, but they can still wolf out.

Then the twins hold out Derek’s claws and Kali drops Boyd on them, forcing Derek to kill his beta.

What? What?! Noooooo, Boyd!

Kali saunters out, telling Derek as she does so that he has until the next full moon to kill the rest of his pack before she, Deucalion, and the Alpha twins do it for him.

Boyd has a few last words to say: He tells Derek that it’s OK and that being turned into a werewolf was worth it even though it got him killed. He also flashes back to Erica in the bank vault, who wonders what happens to their kind during a lunar eclipse. Does it make them more powerful? As if this scene isn’t rough enough, we see Erica attacking Kali and dying, her hand reaching out to Boyd as our badass werewolf princess finally departs from the world. Then Boyd dies himself.

Farewell, Boyd. We didn’t know you as well as the other werewolves, but darnit, what I knew I loved.

Cora cries over Boyd’s body, and Stiles puts a comforting hand on Derek’s shoulder. Gosh darnit, as if Derek didn’t hate himself enough already. Can he not have one good thing in his life?!

That scene o’ trauma over, we see a wheelchair-bound Gerard getting a visit from Chris, who tells his father that he’d better fess up what he knows about Deucalion. He keeps his mouth shut, and when Chris leaves who should walk in but Allison. “Surprised to see me?,” she asks. No, he responds. He’s only surprised it’s taken so long for her to find him.

In the final scene we get a revelation about Scott courtesy of Teen Wolf‘s Obi-Wan. When Scott was trying to force himself through the mountain ash Deaton saw his eyes go red. It means he’s a True Alpha: One who earns his Alpha status through strength of character, not through killing another Alpha. It’s a very rare thing to happen, but ever since he found out Scott had been bitten Deaton believed that Scott would achieve it.

Scott being a True Alpha is great and all, but it also means the Alpha pack is after him, not Deaton. D’oh.

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