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‘Ted Lasso’ Takes Home Two Acting Emmys and Best Comedy Series!

The cast of Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso reminds us that good people still exist in this world. It’s a series about football (not the American kind) that somehow has inspired us all to be kinder to each other in a time when the world feels like it is as its darkest. The Apple TV+ series is one that somehow made me into a football fan and it is completely because of characters like Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso.

So it really isn’t that surprising that the series took home three of the big awards at the 2022 Emmy Awards. While the show was nominated for quite a few (with multiple actors being nominated in the same category), the series brought us wins for two of its stars and the overall Best Comedy Series award! Which truly does feel like is going to happen throughout the run of the series.

Sometimes, we get that one comedy that just dominates the award circuit during its run and while Abbott Elementary gave it a run for its money this year, Ted Lasso still took home the big prize of Best Comedy at the end of the night.

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Brett Goldstein has won twice now for his work as Roy Kent in the series. And if you listen to Brett Goldstein talk versus how Roy Kent talks, it’s not surprising. Goldstein is a sweet man who loves The Muppets whereas Roy Kent is…well, Roy Kent.

A staple of Kent is that he swears a lot and so when Goldstein won the first time, he was so happy that he was swearing in his speech and the feed got cut in the United Kingdom. So this time around, he promised he wouldn’t swear so his family could watch and then he said that he “f**king” loved them and that’s our Roy Kent! He’s here, he’s there, he’s everyfuckingwhere!

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Jason Sudeikis winning and walking up to the stage as “Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Pepa plays is something I probably dreamt up. But it is also what happened at the 2022 Emmy awards. Jason Sudeikis won for his work as Ted Lasso in the hit series of the same name for the second time and used his speech once again to remind us that he’s genuinely shocked by the love for the series.

He talked a bit about how he used to make fun of winners who would get on stage and act like they didn’t think they had a chance in winning in the category and then says that it is actually the case for him and brings up his improv background before thanking his family, the cast and crew of his show, and those who voted for him.

Best Comedy Series

Oh much like the series itself, the Best Comedy Series speech included Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) and Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) tag teaming the bits. Meaning that Sudeikis thanked everyone who made season 2 possible and also called out that they had 30 seconds to talk when they had just made it on stage while Hunt just read out how long they had left close enough to the mic that we all heard it.


Ted Lasso remains one of the most talked about series on television for a reason. We love it, we love these characters, and I’m so glad the series took home awards!

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