WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 04: Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Ted Cruz (R-TX) questions witnesses during a hearing about "anarchist violence" in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill August 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. The subcommittee heard from a variety of witnesses on topics ranging from peaceful protest by Black Lives Matter demonstrators to actions by the decentralized antifascist group known as antifa in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ted Cruz Blocks Resolution To Honor RBG. F*** This Guy.

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Ted Cruz is a monster. No, I’m not talking about that Zodiac killer business, I’m talking about how he wouldn’t allow a Senate resolution honoring the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to pass with unanimous consent. Because he doesn’t want to be held to his own party’s standard of not appointing justices close to an election.

The resolution was proposed by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to honor Justice Ginsburg’s life and her passing. The resolution included her final wish: that her seat not be filled until after the election. Given that the election is only 41 days away, and the Republicans used the proximity of an election to deny an appointment to Barrack Obama when Justice Scalia died eight months before the 2016 election, it’s only fair.

“Republicans came to us with this resolution, but it ignored Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish, what she called her most ‘fervent wish’ that she not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Schumer explained as he spoke on the Senate floor, according to CNN. “So we simply have added it to the exact same text of the resolution the Republicans gave us.”

Schumer also added, using much more polite terms than I ever would: “All the kind words and the lamentations about Justice Ginsburg from the Republican majority will be totally empty if those Republicans ignore her dying wish and instead move to replace her with someone who will tear down everything she built.”

But Ted Cruz (a member of the Senate judiciary committee who will happily confirm anyone Trump nominates) is a big stinky lying hypocrite.

“I proudly stand with my Republican colleagues in our shared belief — our advice and consent — that we should not vote on any nominee until the next president is sworn into office.” That’s what this guy said in 2016, before any of his remaining principles transmuted into his shitty beard.

But now Ted Cruz suddenly cares about “the constitution” since it will give his party the opportunity to put an uber-conservative on the highest court.

“Specifically, the Democratic leader wants to add a statement that Justice Ginsburg’s position should not be filled until a new president is installed, purportedly based on a comment Justice Ginsburg made to family members shortly before she passed,” Cruz said, pulling the same BS Donald Trump did by casting doubt on a woman’s dying wish as reported by her family.

“That, of course, is not the standard,” Cruz explained, though it may have been hard to hear him with his head so far up an ass (either his or Donald Trump’s, reports vary). “Under the Constitution, members of the judiciary do not appoint their own successors. She led an extraordinary life. She was one of the finest Supreme Court litigators to have ever practiced. Justice Ginsburg understood full well that the position being put forth by the Democratic leader is not the law and is not the Constitution.”

And to that, I say, as someone who remembers law school and who actually respects the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Get her name out of your mouth, you spineless, heartless, evil piece of crap. You don’t deserve to be in the same history books as she will be honored in, except as a footnote about a tiny, petty, cruel little man who abandoned country and justice over and over again, any time it became inconvenient.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg deserves more than a Senate resolution blocked by a man with no morals or heart. She deserves more than to see her seat stolen by an impeached President who lost the popular vote and who is already planning in broad daylight to steal another election. She deserved so much more than this county and people like Ted Cruz are willing to give her.

(via: CNN, image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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