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Tatiana Maslany Is Our Jennifer Walters in Disney+’s She-Hulk Series

Tatiana Maslany is easily one of the most talented actors out there (she proved this by playing clones in Orphan Black, for which she won a well-deserved Best Lead Actress Emmy). When I talked with her about her film Destroyer, I was thrilled, because more high-profile roles meant that even more people would get to experience her brilliance. And now, everyone is going to watch her bring Jennifer Walters to life in Marvel’s She-Hulk series for Disney+.

The cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters comes into her powers when she needs a blood transfusion in order to survive. She’s an incredibly interesting character who is finally going to get her time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I’m over the moon about the casting choice of Maslany.

She-Hulk generally remains herself (personality-wise) but is a green, statuesque version of what she was before the transfusion most of the time. There are comic runs where she can return to her human form, but more importantly, she is still a high-powered lawyer while … well, green. It’ll be very interesting to see what Marvel does here story-wise.

It’s incredible to have Tatiana Maslany joining the MCU. Watching her grow from Orphan Black (where she played more than a dozen different characters throughout the run of the show) to comedic cameos in Parks and Recreation or her role in the HBO show Perry Mason and films like Destroyer, she’s consistently showing us that she’s one of the best actresses we have out there right now.

And, much like her cousin counterpart, Mark Ruffalo, Maslany is also vocal on her social media about civil rights issues and is going to be a wonderful addition to Marvel’s ever-expanding cast of superheroes, both onscreen and off. (We’ll also be waiting to see Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner stop by the She-Hulk series.)

Kat Coiro is set to direct a few episodes of the series, with Rick and Morty’s Jessica Gao leading the writers room, and I have to say that right now, everything feels amazing about how She-Hulk is shaping up. It’s female-led, there is an award-winning actress taking on Jennifer Walters, and unlike some of the Disney+ series in development that have already hit snags, all the news emerging about this show seem like smooth sailing.

I’m personally very excited to see where they take She-Hulk, and hopefully, we get to see some great storylines for Maslany and Jennifer Walters! We know we’re in for a treat.

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