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Tatiana Maslany Just Gave Us Reaction GIFs for Any Occasion

You're welcome, INTERNET.


Tatiana Maslany taught us some German on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert but she also blessed us with some awesome GIF-able content. In a joke segment called “Tatiana Talk”, Maslany talks to millennials about their love of reaction GIFs, and she wants in. In the clip she acts out a series of emotion and beckons us to convert them to GIFs, and we rose up to the challenge. Here they are:

Happy, for the good reactions:


Sad, for the bad news or the sarcastic boo-hoo:


Flirtatious, for when pictures of Oscar Issac appear:


“Asleep with eyes open,” for when you feel so aggressively lukewarm towards something you can’t not post a GIF to express your total indifference.


Annoyed and Irritated, a perfect representation of how it feels when people are shouting their irrelevant and unsolicited comments towards you.

irritated Annoyed

Irked and Miffed, when those unwelcome voices keep on bothering you and then bring backup to be extra annoying.

irked miffed

Defensive, for when you don’t understand what the point of something is because you just did three versions of the exact same thing.


Frustrated, for when people continue throwing things at you.


Done With This, for when you just can’t (which you can look forward to reappearing on TMS).


Now save these GIFs and take them with you on your internet journey! Let us know how you’re using them. I’d like to think they’re being put to good use.

(via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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