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Catherine Tate Gets “Bovvered” by David Tennant [Video]

Meddling Kids


Catherine Tate — also known as Donna Noble, firey, brilliant companion of the Tenth Doctor — had a sketch comedy show in Britain (called The Catherine Tate Show) and played a variety of characters, including teenager Lauren Cooper, who gives all kinds of people a hard time. For this sketch (which was performed during a live charity event, hence the numbers at the top of the picture), Lauren took on her new English teacher, played by veryspecialgueststarindeed David Tennant. Brace yourselves — Doctor Who jokes and Scottish accents abound!

Also, while watching this, keep this in mind: Tate and Tennant are currently starring together in William Shakespeare‘s Much Ado About Nothing in London. And again: how we wish we could teleport across the pond!


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