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Female Cop Being Punished For Her Dominatrix Past? Gross. Sensationalized Reporting of It? Also Gross.

Being a professional dominatrix is completely and totally 100% legal (though laws regulating it vary from state to state). This is an important fact to remember as we look at the case of New Jersey sheriff’s officer, Kristen Hyman. **CW: Brief description of consensual BDSM activity**

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9/11 Hero’s Widower Returns Wife’s “Woman of the Year” Award Because Same Award Was Given to Caitlyn Jenner

On September 11th, 2001, NYPD officer Moira Smith died a hero as she helped evacuate people from the World Trade Center just before dying in the collapsed South Tower. In honor of her heroism, Glamour Magazine posthumously awarded her their "Woman of the Year" award that year. Now, in 2015, her widower, James Smith not only dishonors his wife's memory, but displays his own ignorance, bias, and hatred in an epic display of mansplaining.

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